Seek+See Wins the “Best Family-Friendly Copenhagen Tour Operator 2022”

Seek+See wins European Travel Award 2022 and becomes the “Best Family-Friendly Copenhagen Tour Operator 2022”
Seek+See wins the European Travel Awards

Guiding an alien around Copenhagen to fix its spaceship sounds like something out of a dream, but in all actuality, it is the premise behind Seek+See’s family-friendly guided tour of the historic city. Sustainable, fun, and educational, the tour truly showcases a quirky yet authentic side of Denmark’s capital.

“When Skyla, a purple alien, crash-landed in Højbro Plads, Copenhagen, it became clear that she wouldn’t be able to complete her mission alone – she needs your help!

The unique character is the lead in Seek+See’s vibrant treasure hunt tour of the city, during which families are encouraged to complete tasks and find spare parts to fulfil Skyla’s mission and help her build a new spaceship.

Throughout the tour – which fills approximately two to three hours and is entirely self-guided – families have the opportunity to visit some of Copenhagen’s must-see sites and a number of hidden gems, such as the harbour, colourful houses, and fun bike paths…”

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