Christmas Treasure Hunt including Mini Crepes

Alien Explorer SKYLA crashed at Højbro Plads. Help her complete her mission, find spare parts in the city and build a new spaceship.

This Christmas edition includes 2x MiniCrepes – to keep you warm while exploring with the Treasure Hunt (more info below).

christmas special family activity

Fun Christmas Special Family Activity: Interactive City Walk with Treasure Hunt Mission + MiniCrepes

Get your treat at the Christmas market at Højbro Plads and then venture out on the Treasure Hunt mission with Skyla and help her find spare parts in the city’s architecture, to build a new spaceship. Solve clues and small challenges together.

Experience the city from a new perspective and enjoy beautiful views from the lesser known corners of Copenhagen. You can look forward to lots of time along the water, areas where children can wander around, beautiful sights such as the Stock Exchange, hidden places and unusual constructions.

Get clues via the smartphone and find the answers in the city. No need for a map.

Explore better together: playful, social, flexible and with minimal screen time.

How It Works

  1. Click below to buy the Original – Christmas Treasure Hunt
  2. Get the order number (e.g. #1234) from the purchase confirmation email
  3. Show the order number the MiniCrepes stall at the Christmas market at Højbro Plads
  4. Get your 2x free MiniCrepes with one topping of your choice
  5. Go the Absalon statue at Højbro Plads and start your Christmas Treasure Hunt
  6. Have a great family time 🙂