Happiness Treasure Hunt – Unlock the Danish Secret

This is not just a city tour but a self-guided, playful Treasure Hunt with the mission to help Skyla discover the secret building blocks to Danish happiness and build a happiness mascot.

What are the Building Blocks to Happiness? Find Out and Build a Happiness Mascot

Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. That’s why Skyla is on the mission to find the secrete buidling blocks to happiness and create a happiness mascot for her home planet Azoria to make it a happier place. Join her on her mission.

Take the kids outside and enjoy the vibrant colors of Fall and crisp air in Winter, when you embark on an adventure through Frederiksberg discovering beautiful parks, charming streets and hidden playgrounds, where kids can play and run freely.

Less screen- and more quality time together. Turn the walk into a game, where every corner holds a clue, a story, or a challenge for you. Immerse yourself in the local culture, listen to old tales of kings and queens, and uncover what makes Denmark, and Frederiksberg in particular, truly special.

Get clues via the smartphone and find the answers in the city. No need for a map.

Explore better together: playful, social, flexible and with minimal screen time