Kids of all ages can join, but we recommend 3-10 years old. Younger ones might need a bit more help, whereas older ones can be the leading game master.

What if my kid(s) have an off day or it starts raining and we can’t finish the Treasure Hunt?
No problem, you can just continue another day. Your link is open and active up until 3 months after purchase.

The distance between each step of the Treasure Hunt is between 50 and 150 meters.

The approximate duration of the Treasure Hunt is 1,5 – 2,5 hours depending on the kid(s) age, the weather and if you take breaks along the way.

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Yes, you can buy a Gift Card here. After purchase you will receive an email with the gift card.

  • No, worries, there are only 4 answer options and you can answer as often as you need to until you get it right 🙂
  • If you need a bit of help, use the hint function (light bulb icon) in the app, which will display a photo of the location where you should go to find the answer.
  • If you need more help or just want to double-check that you are walking the right direction, you can use the map function (map icon), which will display where you should be to answer the question.

You can select the language in the very beginning of the Treasure Hunt (start screen).

Public toilets are generally available at the start and finish locations. In between, you’ll be passing by cafés and restaurants.
After purchase, you will get an email with important information including details about where to find public toilets on the specific route.

Yes, if you have started the Treasure Hunt and you stop before completing step four, we can refund you. Just send us an email at with the subject Refund and a short message why you would like a refund, as we want to learn and ensure that all guests have a great experience.

  • A charged smartphone with internet connection.
  • Weather appropriate clothing.
  • Snacks and drinks, if you want to take a break along the way. There are amazing picnic spots on our Treasure Hunts (there are also cafés if you don’t want to carry that with you).

We love to get your feedback. You can share your thoughts and ideas for improvement at, or give us a review on Trustpilot and TripAdvisor.

  • The route is about 2 km long, scenic, unique and family-friendly.
  • You’ll see some of Copenhagen’s highlights, but also off the beaten path gems.
  • Kids have lots of opportunities to run, jump, climb and roam freely.
  • You’ll enjoy beautiful views, visit parks and playgrounds, pass by restaurants and cafes, observe buildings and architectural sights.

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Yes, you can bring a stroller, no problem at all.

Even though we call it an ‘app’ it is actually very simple and you only have to click a link in the purchase confirmation email and enter your email and then you are good to go. No downloads or any technical knowledge required.

If you should encounter any problems, just call Inga at +45 42604822 and she’ll help you.

No, not at all. You have full flexibility and can complete the Treasure Hunt at any time of your convenience within 3 months after purchase. You can also continue the Treasure Hunt on another day if you cannot complete it at once.

All our Treasure Hunts have convenient start and finish locations close to Metro and/or public transport.

After purchasing the Treasure Hunt, you will receive an email with important information, where you can also find details about how to get to the start location by public transport or by car.