Boost your customer experience,
increase repeat visits and revenue

By partnering with us
you can engage your guests
with a self-guided fun
Treasure Hunt experience

Create an experience your guests
want and remember

Guests are part of the game

Activate your customers before, during and after their visit. Turn them from passive into engaged guests having fun.

Fascinating storytelling and visualizations

Forget dry facts and awaken guests’ curiosity, make them smile and wonder – learn and remember better.

Freedom and flexibility

Guests can explore at their own terms, privately and use their own devices. No group hustles or waiting in line.

Exciting shared mission

Wake your guests’ competitive spirit and bring them together through a shared mission. Collect the treasures, earn completion badges, share and remember with a unique family photo.

Why Seek+See

We make it easy for you and create unique, self-guided treasure hunt experience for your attraction (zoo, museum, amusement park, aquarium etc.)

Excellent reviews

Customers love our Treasure Hunts

Fast & reliable

Smart and proven technology

Customized solution

Professional team to create
unique experiences

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